On Sunday night NTV aired a documentary by the Investigative Editor Dennis Okari, showing how rogue supermarket officials use chemicals, to increase the shelf life of products.

Okari spoke to a supermarket attendant, who disclosed that sometimes, meat is preserved with food sulphites, to make it appear fresh.

“Every morning before the doors open for customers, we take packaged meat that stayed overnight, remove the cling film and change the date labels to reflect the current date. If the packaging is stained with blood, we change it and put a new wrapping,” he stated, “Meat shouldn’t get spoilt in the supermarket. It is considered a loss. We try to minimize losses by using the chemicals on fresh, minced and diced beef.”

According to the source, meat, including beef, chicken, fish and mutton, that is not sold after a week, is cooked and served to customers in the supermarket’s cafeterias.

These actions by the supermarkets is putting at risk the lives of millions of Kenyans.