IEBC verifies 1,222,541 signatures in the Punguza Mizigo initiative which was sponsored by Ekuru Aukot‘s Thirdway Alliance Party. IEBC will submit a bill on the initiative to all 47 County Assemblies within the next three months.

“The VERDICT is out. Thank you Kenyans for your support. Over 1.2 Million reg voters who endorsed #PunguzaMizigoBill2019. We came to you, you listened and endorsed. We thank IEBC for the above board signature verification exercise.This is for the people of KENYA” EAukot, Twitter.

The first proposed changes is the reduction of the members of parliament. The party wants the total number of MPs to be 147, down from the current 416.

The Punguza Mizigo Initiative has laid out some of the amount of money the country could save if the bill was passed. Kenyans will save a total Ksh 3.78 Trillion.