Deputy President William Ruto, yesterday night, blasted The Standard newspaper for what he termed as fake news.”FAKE NEWS ALERT!!! I was nowhere near JKIA. I am NOT surprised that some media houses & their owners are this desperate. Tuwasamehe tu!!” He tweeted.

Image Courtesy, William Ruto, Twitter Screenshot

“Why Uhuru Avoided Ruto at the Airport” was the cover story on today’s Standard Newspaper. According to the article in line with the cover story, “The president, who arrived at JKIA at 4pm on Saturday, discarded protocol and went straight to the international passenger terminals catching his deputy unawares. Ruto was accompanied by Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu. Dr Ruto, who was waiting at the pavilion, immediately left for the city centre, after he was informed that the president had already disembarked from the plane and was inside the airport in a series of events that officials tried to dismiss as a ‘small deviation from the usual protocol.”

The article claimed that President Uhuru avoided an encounter with Kiambu Governor, Fernand Waititu who was on the EACC radar.