Image courtesy, NTV

The High Court has barred the 47 counties across the country from debating the Thirdway Alliance Kenya party’s bill popularly known as Punguza Mizigo.

Justice James Makau also stopped the party from presenting the Bill to the Speaker of the National Assembly, this is due to a pending case filed in court against it.

There have been leaders from all over the country who have opposed the Punguza Mizigo initiative. Aukot has severally questioned those opposing the bill, in that; they want Kenyans to remain in abject poverty so that they can continue exploiting them politically for their own selfish needs. “They are on record telling Kenyans to reject Punguza Mizigo as we wait for their Ongeza Mizigo proposals.” Aukot said.

The ODM Party, Wiper Democratic Movement Party were among the parties opposed to the Punguza Mizigo initiative. Aukot called for leaders to read the bill before dismissing it. “Most of the leaders who are opposed to this bill have actually not read it. James Orengo should have been dancing to the tune of this bill because it is actually elevating him.”Ekuru Aukot.