Controversial gospel singer, Willy Paul releases a song, ‘Lamba Nyonyo’. Lamba, a swhili word that means ‘to leak’ and ‘nyonyo’ is popularly known to mean ‘breasts.’ This has brought about Kenyans bashing him on social media. He’s not yet declared whether he should be recognized as a gospel artist or a secular artist.

So mi ni msanii, na nikiamka leo niskie nataka kuimba mapenzi nitaimba, nikiskia nataka kufanya worship nitafanya ),” Willy Paul stated during an interview at MileleFm.

‘Lamba Nyonyo’ has been uploaded on YouTube as audio without a video. The song has also been uploaded on Saldido Records on YouTube. Though, most of the songs which he uploads on his personal YouTube channel; Willy Paul Msafi.

The song was uploaded yesterday, 30th July and has now gathered more than 52,000 views.