ImageAccording to World Heath Organization, the annual data on cancer related deaths in Kenya are; Male 14215 and Female 18772 a total of 32987 deaths.

While on a local tv interview, Hon. Gladys Wanga addressed the Cancer disease that is terrorizing Kenyans. She also came out stating that she too was once diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2014 and will be in the front line to ensure that cancer is included under primary health care.

“Hon. Gladys Wanga: Train a doctor every year from every County under scholarship by the government to curb cancer.” Metropol TV Kenya. 

“Chair this bill is so personal to me because I am speaking from experience. I was diagnosed with cancer and before diagnosis I could not tell what I was suffering from because sometimes the disease is there, and you do not feel pain. The main issues is that many people have been misdiagnosed because even the doctors themselves cannot tell from the onset that someone has cancer,” she said during a parliamentary sitting.

“When I sought treatment outside country, the simple things that a nurse was able to do there, can also be done here but we need to make it a primary healthcare to avoid late diagnosis which in turn becomes difficult to treat leading to deaths which would have been prevented.” added Hon. Wanga.

“I would want each county to have at least one oncologist. The government should embark on funding training for oncologists so that we get more of them who can actually tell at an early age that indeed someone has cancer instead of being misdiagnosed with some vitamin deficiency and others being told they early and so on.” she added.

Her sentiments were backed by other members of parliament who pointed out that the disease is costing the country much and something has to be done.