Igwe Prezda Bandasson is one of the Kenyan’s biggest name in the rhumba music scene. He has been taking the Rhumba world by a storm for close to a decade now. Prezda is the founder and leader of Patron Musica which has flourished the rhumba industry in Kenya.

According to Kenyan Journal, he can sing in four languages with mind-boggling ease, even in the ones you would think he stood no chance to excel in like Lingala and Swahili. Bandasson has awed many fans with his ability on the microphone. His high toned voice blends so well with the guitar and slow rhythm of rhumba beats.

One of his key mentor, Musa Juma passed on in 2011. He composed a hit on his honour and also continued to perform his songs which brought about some backlash from people.

His first Album is known as Stella Rachel, which is a dedication to his wife, the album is recognized as one of the best rhumba albums in Kenya. It contains five songs that basically made him one of Kenya’s favorite rhumba musicians. The first song in the album, ‘Stella Rachel’, is without doubt the best of his composition. A very entertaining rhumba complete with Congolese chanting (atalaku). Other songs in the album: sufferance, Ya Leo, Shaddy Obunga and Limbisa ngai are also recognized as rhumba classics.