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A female teacher from  Ebenezer Academy in Bungoma Central sub-county is under arrest for canning a class 8 student 36 strokes which caused major injuries to the pupil. The 14 year old student had scored 81% on an English test instead of the targeted 100% marks.

The incident took place in 11th July whereby, according to the pupil he was caned to the extent in which he fainted and woke up an hour later.

According to a report by The Standard Media the teenager claimed that the director of the private school begged him not to report the matter and allow the school take care of his medical expenses. Gerald Munyapala Khisa, the victim’s father who works as a security guard in Kisumu, said the school management failed to disclose to him his son’s condition until it worsened.

“The director of Ebenezer Academy, called on July 16, informing me that my son was in a critical condition and was being taken to Bungoma County Referral hospital but instead, took him to a private facility,” said Mr Khisa.

“The hospital bill rose to Sh252,894.65 in just one week  and the director told me to have my son discharged from the hospital since he could not afford to pay more. That he had exhausted his limit and asked me to repay him Sh200,000 which he used to pay the hospital bill.” he added.

Mr Wanyama, the school director on the other hand brushed off the incident claiming that the student fell ill and as a good Samaritan, he took him to the hospital for assistance.

Dan Oswano, the County Referral hospital administrator stated that, “An X ray done by the hospital shows that the veins are blocked and the patient is supposed to undergo surgery, the veins could have been blocked due to injuries on his back or buttocks.”

Mr Khisa has otherwise reported the matter to the Bungoma Police station and investigations are currently underway.