Image courtesy, Mt. Kenya Times

Kwale women representative, Zuleikha Juma was today kicked out of the National Assembly after she walked into the chamber with her five-month-old baby. Zuleikha says she had an emergency and had to choose between coming with the baby to work, or not coming to work altogether.

She says parliament has failed to create special room for women to breastfeed their babies years after it was proposed.


According to a report by Nation Christopher Omulele, who was serving as the speaker, ordered Ms Hassan to withdraw from the chamber saying it is not the right place to take care of her child. The speaker called the sergeant-at-arms to evict Ms Hassan who by then was being shielded by her female counterparts.

“As much as she has a right to take care of her child, this not the right place, I therefore direct that you immediately withdraw from the chambers,” ordered Mr Omulele.