Chelsea boss, Frank Lampard says he did not have a fall out with David Luiz before the player’s transfer to Arsenal. Frank Lampard, “We’d had some conversations over the last week, honest conversations because I know David well. And I think the conclusion of that was that he moved on. So I think it’s pretty clear in those terms. It’s an area of the pitch where I have competition.

“And people will be needing to make that shirt their own, as they will all over the pitch. I don’t have ones and twos and threes, I have people competing for the position. I don’t have it set in my mind and that’s what everyone has to understand. And that will be the same everywhere.”

“I’m happy now that I can have Lacazette and Aubameyang on my side, so it’s much easier now!” David Luiz

Emery on David Luiz : “He’s a big opportunity for us, he decided to join Arsenal. He wants to do something important with us. “He has experience, quality in build-up, he is a good defender and he is coming here to help us with his capacity and quality.”