Image courtesy, Bizna Kenya

Businessman, Chris Kirubi was flown to the USA on Saturday when his condition worsened. According to sources close to his family, the businessman has not been feeling so well lately forcing him to be re-admitted in the top USA hospital he has been attending.
Kirubi, who was first flown to the US for treatment in November 2017, had appeared to be on his way to recovery.
During the past cancer Holiday, World Cancer Day, which is marked on February 4, he urged the public to go for cancer screening and the government to raise awareness in order to reduce cancer risks.“This #World Cancer Day, I write from a reflective perspective. This subject is very close to my heart and my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone battling the dreadful disease. I would like to urge each and every one of you to go for cancer screening sessions and adopt a healthy lifestyle,” he said.

“No one is immune and early diagnosis surely saves lives. I would like to ask my government to actively raise awareness to the public on how to reduce cancer risk and accord affordable treatment to those diagnosed. Above all, I celebrate all who have fought hard and defeated cancer. Never lose hope,” he added.