Gospel music has always had a place in the music industry not only in Kenya but also worldwide. This could be due to the uplifting songs about God and inspired by Christian beliefs as well contain a message that many people can relate to. The success of gospel industry has been well received in Kenya.

Despite this some Kenyan artist have had a challenging time being recognized as Gospel Artists. Controversial singer, Willy Paul has always been the talk of the town when he releases a song. The resent ‘lamba nyonyo’ song was negatively received by Kenyans. In his defence he’s always claimed that he sings for Love.

However there are various Gospel songs that have uplifted the spirits of most Kenyans, literary taking them to Church.

Rebeka Dawn, a Caucasian female gospel artist surprised many Kenyans when she released the Swahili song Kutembea Nawe. The songs is not only played in Churches but also various Gospel functions across Kenya.

The song by Size8Reborn has inspired so many Kenyans with the message that things can get better and God can always uplift you.

It’s always encouraging when young adult come together to sing for God. The Adawnage Band released I live for you song which was received whole heartedly by teens and young adult. The song shows the perspective of some of the challenges young adults face.

The song Vimbada by Moji Short Babaa and Jabidii currently has more than 3.6 million views on Youtube the song was heavily received by the young generation with the song played at different functions and events.

The song, Hajawai Niangusha by Moji Short Baba, Guardian Angel and DK Kwenye Beat has been a sensational Gospel song which took both TV and Radio airwaves.