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Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris proposed Kibra MP Ken Okoth’s brother Imram Okoth as the best candidate to succeed the late leader.

Though the seat hasn’t yet been declared vacant but Passaris asked for ODM to consider Ken’s family member. She mainly pointed at Okoth’s brother who has was in charge of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) where he presided over building and refurbishment of a number of schools.

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“The ODM position is, we are waiting for people to declare interest then we will have a nomination. My sincere hope is that we look at Ken’s family. I know Ken’s brother used to run the CDF and it will be my desire he be allowed to be our candidate as ODM so that he can complete the projects because he was the CDF manager,” she said.

In a resent interview, Okoth’s maternal nephew Elvis Oluoch also called for Raila to endorse Imram as replacement for Hon. Ken Okoth.

“We want to appeal to Raila to see if he can give one of the family members that opportunity to take care of the next three years. We have one Imran in mind. He was the personal assistant to Ken and was the one taking care of everything when Ken was sick. So we thought he is the right person to do that because he knew every plan Ken had concerning Kibra.” Said Oluoch.