Many Kenyans always look up to leaders and politicians to come to their aid when circumstances become hard for them to bear. The family of the late David Mutemi reached out to three leaders that is; Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, Mombasa Governor, Hassan Joho and Nairobi Women Rep, Esther Passaris to help clear outstanding hospital bill.

“Mike Sonko, Hassan Joho, Esther Passaris, the family is reaching to us to help clear the Late David Mutemi’s Bill we reach out to you because we know when we come together great things happen Paybill 891300 Account 34801” They tweeted.


Esther Passaris responded with, “Sorry my salary and per diems exhausted. When the County Government pays the per diems due to me plus interest and the courts reinstates our house allowance & awards me defamation in upcoming cases I shall do more to help the many who the law cannot in the short run. #GodsSpeed”

Kenyans did not go easy on her as others bashed the Kenyan leaders for not helping the citizens who are suffering despite Kenyans electing them in those leadership positions.