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Rhumba music might have been the to got music during the age of vinyl and magnetic cassettes. This does not mean that it’s outdated, as a matter of fact the genre has penetrated into the 21st Century and is still a favourite genre to most people. There are amazing rhumba songs that still blast the airwaves, make you want to tap your foot to the rhythm regardless of your age and preferences.

Kenya hasn’t fallen shot of amazing rhumba songs crafted by gorgeous artists. With groups of rhumba fans teaming up to share their love for rhumba music for instance; Facebook page Rumba Non-Stop demonstrate the kind of rumba lovers we have in Kenya.

Below are some of the greatest rhumba hits that are worth your time.

  • Musa Juma

The late Musa Juma who passed away in 15th March 2011 in Mombasa was the founder of Limpopo International Band and popularly known for his Benga hits. He has inspired many artists who walked on his footsteps for instance, Johnny Junior who is currently the biggest Luo-Rhumba artist in Kenya. He also worked with the likes of Prince Kassam and his brother Omondi Tony, who are also both deceased.

Some of his greatest hits are; O’yoo Daktari, Maselina, Bibuta and so on.

  • Daudi Kabaka

Daudi Kabaka who passed away in 2001, is today recognized as a legend not only by fans of rhumba music but also most Kenyan music lovers at large. The type of music he is known for is called Benga, a popular style in East Africa. His best-known songs include “African Twist”, “Harambee Harambee” and “Western Shilo”. His song “Helule Helule” was covered by The Tremeloes and it became a hit in United Kingdom.

  • John Junior

John Junior proves that he has done a great job in filling the void left by Musa Juma. He is today recognized as one of the best rumba artist alive.

  • Igwe Prezda Bandason

Igwe Prezida Bandasson is one of the popular name in the rumba music scene. He is also the founder and leader of Patron Musica has been a major influence on the Kenyan Rumba scene for close to a decade now.

  • Ayub Kalule

The Nation on a feature about Ayub Kalule, describes him as though being a relatively new face in the music industry, Kalule, whose real name is Ayub Olang, is striving to establish himself as one of the leading proponents of rhumba music. His father, who was a boxer, named him after the legendary Ugandan boxer, Ayub Kalule.

Ayub, who ventured into music five years ago, is among the artistes from western and Luo Nyanza who are striving to blend the new generation of rhumba beats.