Keroche Breweries CEO Tabitha Kranja

CEO of Keroche Breweries, Tabitha Karanja, and her husband, Joseph Karanja, have rushed to court with the aim of stopping their arrest over Ksh14 billion tax fraud allegations.

Lawyer and Senator, James Orengo who represents them, wants the high court to stop The Director of Public Prosecutions  (DPP) Noordin Haji from charging them with ten counts where the company is said to have evaded tax.

According to a statement by the DPP. “The audit by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) established that Keroche Breweries Limited had evaded the payment of tax totalling 14,451,836,375,”

It’s believed that the company avoided paying, VAT on products including; stamps allocated (Ksh329 million), Crescent Vodka (Ksh135 million), Vienna Ice – Quantity Variance (Ksh1.7Billion) Vienna Ice – Rate Variance (Ksh9 billion), and Summit beers at Ksh658 million, amounting to a total of Ksh12 billion.