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Musical genius, Musa Juma Mumbo was a Kenyan rumba and Benga musician. He was born to the second wife of his father, a policeman. Musa Juma was also born into a family of 18 children. He grew up in Homabay where he attended primary and secondary schools. He began signings and playing instruments at a young age.

He passed away in 15th March 2011 in Mombasa and buried in 9th of April 2011. Below are some of the images of his requiem mass.

Image courtesy, Nation
Image courtesy, Nation
Image courtesy, Nation
Image courtesy, nation
Image courtesy nation.

His death woes many Kenyans and also fans from all over the world. Musa Juma will be remembered as one of the greatest musicians to put Kenya on the map. He not only performed locally but also internationally.

Some of his greatest albums that he blessed his fans with were; Maselina, Fiance, Hera Mwandu, Vol.4, and Freddy.

Below are some of his greatest hits that are still celebrated by his fans.

  • Auma
  • Freddy
  • Hera Mudho
  • Christina
  • Saida
  • Rikni Nyombo
  • Maselina
  • Rosy
  • Andrew
  • Ongolo
  • Pacheko
  • Aggrey
  • Mayaka
  • Rapar Owino
  • Hera Mwandu
  • Omwanga
  • Helena/Siaya
  • Kababa
  • Fiance
  • Ratego baba
  • Osiepe
  • Oyoo Daktari
  • Gidali
  • Odundo
  • Lando Oberana
  • Rossy
  • Osiepe 22
  • Viva Sudan
  • Bernad
  • Clarkson Karan
  • Titel