John Kinyua, a resident of Juja, Kiambu county, is not a happy man after their local pastor who officiated their wedding, stole his wife. Kinyua is married to his wife, Leah Wambui for 26 years.

The bishop was in charge of Joy Springs Church in Juja where the couple attended. Kinyua started his suspicion when the bishop appointed Wambui an assistant pastor at the Church.

A report by reveal that, the preacher’s wife, Agnes Wangivi tried to intervene after smelling a rat, “I confronted Leah and threatened her not to play games with my husband. She looked innocent, and I gave in,” Agnes divulged. She also added that her husband would invite Ms Leah over for dinner without Kanyua, her spouse.

“This is when I started questioning their friendship. I confronted Kanyua to keep his wife away from my husband, but he seemed blindfolded. My husband developed cold feet on his family and ran away to Leah in 2015,”

Kinyua has since been fighting to stop the relationship between the preacher and his wife.