Job Seda, popularly known as Ayub Ogada, was a Kenyan Musician who was popularly known for incorporating the Nyatiti in almost all of his music. He locally influenced various artists with his gift of playing the Nyatiti for instance; popular musician, Susan Owiyo “Ayub Ogada, respect wuod luo. You are the reason I picked Nyatiti. Thank you for sharing this fantastic 8 strings instrument with the world. I celebrate you! Rest in Power.” she tweeted.

Ogada was born in 1956 in Mombasa and passed away in 1st February 2019. He’s Luo and his music was influenced by the Luo heritage ans also by his parents who were musicians. They performed Luo music to Kenyan and US audiences. Ayub’s experience of travelling with his parents to the US and his exposure to both western and African cultures had a profound effect on his music.

His music is on the soundtracks of films such as; I Dreamed of Africa (2000), The Constant Gardener (2005), Samsara (2011) and The Good Lie (2014). His music was also used in the soundtrack for Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman’s BBC series’ Long Way Round and Long Way Down as well as NBC’s short-lived action drama series, The Philanthropist.

He also acted under his birth name, Job Seda. He played Robert Redford’s Masaii warrior sidekick in Out of Africa (1985) and also starred in The Kitchen Toto (1987). In July 2005, Ayub Ogada performed at the Live 8 concert Eden Project as the opening act with his band, Union Nowhere. They released the album Tanguru in 2007, the year Ayub moved back to Kenya.

In his lifetime he released the following albums; (1993): En Mana Kuoyo, (1998): Tanguru, (2015): Kodhi: Trevor Warren’s Adventures with Ayub Ogada. He also released, Dicholo in 2005 and  Koth Biro 1993 which was featured soundtrack in the movie ‘The Constant Gardener’ which was a Political Thriller shot in Kenya.