Image courtesy, Essence

Most ladies prefer to relax their hair, in this case, sometimes the hair undergoes some controlled damage and as such, it is important to maintain it in a healthy fashion. Natural hair requires pampering, relaxed hair requires even more tender loving care because of its processed nature.

Below are tips for maintaining healthy relaxed hair; Courtesy, Tuko

1. See a professional to help you determine which hair relaxer is good for your hair As a virgin relaxer, one needs to see a professional. This is because virgin relaxer has never used any chemicals as relaxers or color. Before using a relaxer, the professional first gives the client a patch to ensure that they are not allergic to the type of relaxer being used.

2. Weekly moisturizing of the scalp This helps in moisture retention and healthy hair growth. Relaxed hair needs proper maintenance. Taking care of your scalp helps maintain your skin in a better way.

3. Retouch after eight weeks Relaxed hair needs to be well maintained and that is why one needs to do a retouch. A retouch is important when new growth emerges and when it is difficult to comb the hair, especially from the roots. Retouch can be after eight weeks from the last retouch or if your hair demands.

4. Always treat your hair Treat your hair immediately after retouch so as to retain moisture. Also do a scalp massage to stimulate healthy hair growth.

5. Once in awhile, trim your hair Hair trimming is important to remove split ends. Relaxed hair sometimes tend to get some bad ends. This can lower your esteem. Ensure that they are well-trimmed.

6. Low or no-heat styling Flat irons and curling irons are very convenient, but daily use will eventually lead to dryness and damage. Heat tools are fine for occasional use, but try to get into the habit of low or no-heat styling when you can.