20 November 2019

Ah, kindness.What a simple way to show another struggling soul that there is still love to be found in this world. This mashujaa day, Radio Lake Victoria was on a mission to spread some love and put a smile on a lucky fan’s face.

Min Awilo, a humble grandmother in her early seventys who has been a loyal fan of Radio Lake Victoria for over a decade now was in for a big surprise this mashujaa day when members of the ‘tene group’ (fan group) of Radio Lake Victoria visited her homestead in Ahero Kobura having pooled their resources together and purchased 35 iron sheets,ready to build her a new house to replace the deplorable one she had been living in.


Members of the fan group working on the house.

Speaking on the initiative, the chairman of jotene Mr. Dan Adiedo said they felt the need to help min Awilo get a better house and were very grateful to the management of Radio Lake Victoria for supporting their initiative.The Radio Lake Victoria staff management was represented by deputy general manager of the station, Mr. Javan Onamo, who thanked the Radio Lake Victoria fan base for their kind gesture and their efforts towards putting a smile on min Awilo’s face.


Dani Min Awilo was all smiles while she expressed how immensely grateful she was for the gesture by Radio Lake Victoria tene group and could barely conceal here excitement.


Dani Min Awilo, a member of the tene group and Radio Lake Victoria presenter

The chairman of Jotene, proud of this wonderful and successfully executed initiative ,vowed to help other members of the Lake Victoria family who were in need by spearheading more such initiatives. It surely is not the end of the road but just the beginning. Kindness will prevail!