Radio Lake Victoria and and sky FM  made history on wednesday morning when they launched their Gender policies at a ceremony attended by radio journalists from Kisumu, Bungoma, Webuye and Nakuru. This ceremony was organized by DW Akademie, who are the supporting partners in media development in Kenya.

The County Director of Gender and Youth Affairs, Ms Adah Omedi, said that the Gender Policy is developed out of recognition that there are still disparities among men and women in various spheres of life. She said that the County Govrnment was at an advanced stage in  the development of a Sexual Gender Based Violence policy and a Gender mainstreaming policy.

Also present were the County Director of Communications Atieno Otieno and DW Akademie project lead Sigrid Thomsen. In his remarks, Sigrid applauded the two radio stations for fostering an Intergrated Policy Agenda which is a big step towards bridging the gender gap.

The policies are a set of guidelines for the radio stations to guarantee equal rights and opportunities to all and tools to advance gender parity in radio programming. This policy is in line with the Kenya National Policy on Gender and Development(NPDG), which clearly states that every man, woman, girl and boy to participate in and benefit equally from the development process. Atieno added on to the remarks by saying that the media is a powerful tool that reaches millions of people and getting women infront of the camera or microphone is only the beginning, more needs to be done like changing the way they interract and the language they use.