Barely three weeks after security agencies repulsed about 50 heavily armed suspected Al Shabab militants in Lamu West, and an ambush on a passenger bus heading to Mombasa from Lamu where three passengers were killed, the suspected Al Shabab militants are back at it again. Two construction vehicles were burned down near H Young and Co. camp in Lamu county on Sunday by who its believed to be the Al Shabab militants.

Photo credits: Citizen Digital

Lamu County Commissioner Irungu Macharia confirmed the incident, saying that explosives were hurled at the lorry and an excavator, causing massive explosions. The drivers in both the vehicles jumped out and escaped without any injuries, hid in some bushes nearby till the security officers came to their rescue.
He added that four heavily armed suspected terrorists carried out the ambush and disappeared into a forest nearby. It is believed that the ambush was meant to scare the construction workers to abandon their projects.
The incident paralyzed transport on the route as KDF soldiers were deployed to the area to pursue the attackers. They responded quickly to the call of distress and luckily no casualties were reported and they said there’s no need for a cause of alarm.