Winam Gulf is a significant extension of Lake Victoria into western Kenya. It is a shallow inlet and is connected to the lake through the Rusinga channel. Over the past couple of weeks, the water hyacinth combined with the algae in the Winam gulf has been stagnant and decomposing, thereby emitting a foul smell that has been chocking the residents along Kisumu-Busia highway.


National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA)and the North Lake Regional Director Stella Kamwasir assessed and confirmed the situation. Speaking to the press in Kisumu, Kamwasir said the Winam Gulf is susceptible to stink because of its shallow nature.

She added that the situation has been compounded by the dried up hyacinth which sank into the shallow end, mixing up with the water and other particles. NEMA officials said the lake has experienced serious serious pollution despite an effort by the government to curb the situation.

They called for responsible citizen and corporate behavior and enhancement of compliance and programs to help address environment conservation.