A couple who were counting days to their big wedding day got the shock of their lives after they found out they were brother and sister.

According to reports, the lovebirds had gone to visit the parents of the groom-to-be to announce their plans of settling down together. It was during the visit that they were told that the bridegroom’s father had sired a daughter in his first marriage, and it turned out that the groom-to-be was the daughter.

The two said they met in the streets in the city where the young man used to hawk shoes. A business relationship soon evolved into a love affair that was set to be formalized this year.

They have since called off the engagement on the advice of their families. Kikuyu Elders were also consulted; asserting that marriages between siblings are taboo.

The bride-to-be who was devastated says she has been unable to go for dates again over the fear of dating another family member.