Residents on the shores of Lake Victoria are having a rough time as the water level of the lake continues to rise by the day.

Scientists have warned for many decades about climate change especially the unusual increased amount of rainfall and its impact on the environment, something which is being experienced now at Lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria is shared by three countries, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, and all three have felt the impacts of the rising water level of the lake.

Businesses have been affected as many people have had to flee their homes because their houses, livestock, crops on the farms have all been swept away by the rising water from the lake.

The world has always talked more about climate change than global warming.
Scientists describe climate variability as a change that occurs within smaller timeframes such as a month, season, or a year and climate change considers changes that occur over longer periods, for instance, 30 years or more.

Most users of weather information are unable to tell whether this is a climate variability or climate change which activists have said the world has hurt nature by indiscriminate destruction of forests, reclaiming swamps, or polluting air and water for economic gain.

Most parts of the East African region have continued to receive heavy rains from the Horn of Africa, Central Africa, Rwanda to DR Congo, and Tanzania causing flooding in many areas.

It is expected that the level of the water will keep rising by 2-3 meters as the climate change impact is felt.