The western world is known to have that has the scientific know-how to beat the virus, however, in Senegal, a laboratory is using its AIDS and Ebola experience to develop a 1 dollar COVID-19 testing kit.

The idea is to produce 2-4 million testing kits, not just for Senegal but for all African countries, which are having a big challenge of testing people for coronavirus due to lack of testing kits.

In Senegal, testing is done on everyone who goes to a health facility, whether they have the symptoms or not testing everyone, whether they have the symptoms or not.

Corona-Virus cases still on the rise in Kenya

The laboratory has abundant testing kits, as researchers are developing a 1 dollar diagnosing kit which was originally made to test for dengue fever.

With only 50 ventilator machines for 16 million people, Senegalese engineers are using a 3D printing machine to produce more ventilators. While imported ventilators cost 16,000 dollars, the ones they make are only 60 dollars.

Kenyans stranded in China to be flown back home

More than a month into the outbreak, the small West African country suffered only 2 deaths with most patients recovering. It has the largest rate of recovery in patients infected with coronavirus in Africa, and the third in the world ahead of countries like the US and France.

Compared to those countries, it has a tiny budget but it has a wealth of experience in dealing with infectious diseases and outbreaks.

Let us not forget the role of China and other Asian Countries on Corona-virus Pandemic