Mother’s Day

Years back, you and I, reading this article were born into this beautiful world, having developed for nine months in our mother’s tummies. Along the way, the lucky few of us got diapered while the majority of us just shitted everywhere giving our moms a tedious work. Nonetheless, our mother’s were always there for us, every step of our journey, making sure we didn’t lack, going beyond their means just to put a smile on our faces. This undying love didn’t end at childhood, it continues hitherto. That’s why most of us if not all do celebrate our mother’s on 10th of May annually. Dedicating this special day to them. Unfortunately, the novel Coronavirus has almost crippled all activities this year, but i believe you won’t let it spoil this special day, for there are ways in which we can still make our mothers proud. Here are some tips to help you out.

Mother's Day

For starters, with the level of technological advancement, you may opt to embrace the numerous communication services such as Zoom and Skype. Don’t let the distance between you and your mother worry you, just start a video call, invite her and close family and friends who you want to help you express the love you have for her.

I cannot dispute the fact that most of our mothers are old and either cannot see, hear or operate the gadgets we use. so celebrating mother’s day in this case, you may opt to buying them physical gifts and mailing it to them. The gifts don’t have to be expensive and flashy, just get her something she can easily resonate with, something you know she has always wanted. But, if you can afford to gift her a private jet, don’t hesitate, cause she is worth more than the world, do it.

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You can also decide to have a virtual cooking lesson with her. I bet you can’t recall the last time you cooked together. Video call her and ask her to teach you one of her favorite recipes. Ask her questions, crack jokes, recall old memories of you cooking together. This will really make her proud.

Furthermore, you can express your love to her by doing things she like such as getting charitable. Participate or organize a charitable event for a course she believes in, either visiting an orphanage or donating funds to an organization that supports motherhood education.

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To those of us who love getting poetic, you may take this opportunity to invoke your muses and bleed your heart out. Highlighting memories, sacrifices and the happy moments you’ve had together. Share the poem with family and friends and celebrate her.

With the current government regulations, i know some of you are in the same households with your mother’s. You may organize a family party, watch movies together or just do anything that may make her happy, keeping in mind the Covid-19 precautions.

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Summarily, the novel Coronavirus cannot halter the expression of love to our mother’s. So think of a way of making that woman proud, let her know she’s treasured.