Who is 6ix9ine?

Daniel Hernandez, popularly known as 6ix9ine, is an american rapper,songwriter,and convict felon.

Cause of Uproar?


6ix9ine’s major comeback to rap wrecked havoc everywhere making other artists shiver. Over 2 million people people were live on his IG Live last week, he set a record!!!. Meek Mill and Snoop Dogg had some choice words the the “GOOBA” rapper.

Last week, Uncle Snoop dubbed 6ix9ine a “rat” upon the later rapper’s release from jail, and on Friday, 6ix9ine took to IG to clap back at Snoop, accusing him of being a snitch too.

“Should I just tell you guys what rappers snitched,” 6ix9ine wrote on his IG story. “Because they told me EVERYTHING when I started” he then added. The Shade Room screenshotted 6ix9ine’s IG story and put it up on their IG page.

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6ix9ine then commented on the post “@snoopdogg hey sir let’s chat.” He then added another comment reading “If your in denial the paper work is online and suge knight speaks on it from prison but we choose to ignore who we want to call rats.”

Snoop Dog

Unlike 6ix9ine, Snoop didn’t take an entire week to respond. In a seemingly cryptic response, the rap legend reposted a video of rapper Omar Ray, an entertainer who has assumed the character of Pimpin Silky. “It’s two things silky ain’t never seen: A turtle with speed, and a monkey-mouthed, knock-kneed, trout-mouthed, b*tch I need,” Silky said in the clip. “And when this quarantine over, I’m trying to take the blue out the sky and put it in a white b*tch eye, ya dig that.” In the caption, Snoop wrote, “P. S. A.”

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He then doubled down on his accusations, commenting that “Posting this is not gonna distract everyone that you are trying to play it off. Explain yourself.” He then commented under another Shade Room post, “They pick and choose who they want to call rats THERES PAPER WORK and SUGE KNIGHTS prison interview BUT the industry acts blind mute and death I’m not letting up either.”

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