Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga, in an article written on the ‘Opinion ‘, addresses key factors that the global nations should embrace in order to salvage the world from the effects of Covid-19. He recalls his educational trip to Germany in 1962,when virtually all if Europe was under reconstruction
This was as a result of the aftermath of the 2nd world War, Raila Odinga recalls “So much help got pumped into West Germany that about a decade after the war, one would have been forgiven for believing that it was Germany that had won World War II.” He adds that Europe got to its feet as a result of the famous Marshall Plan.

Raila Odinga reminds the world that today we are at the state Europe was in 1945, this disruptive pandemic has crippled nations. He also notes that the way humanity have responded to Covid-19,is as if there was no precedent. Raila Odinga urges that,at this time when countries want to resume operations after the initial shock, nations need to adopt new resolves, that aims at strengthening the international system rather than undermining it.

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Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga reminds us that we have no alternative to UN and its support bodies like World Bank, IMF and WHO, and to ideals like International Security, Free Markets and Democracy. Cooperation, coordination and solidarity should aid the search for a vaccine. Like the Soviet and US liberated west Germany. He further highlights the formation of NATO and its successes.

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He says, the US in tandem with Europe can lead the world into recovery and reconstruction,since they have the resources,if they can summon the will and sense of debt to the world. He emphasizes that there is dire need for an alliance that address health and economic effects of Covid-19 and chart a path for future similar crises.

Raila, urges that continents must act in unison to achieve this, He says Africa is already en-route, he adds that “the third African Sovereign Wealth and Pension Fund Leaders Forum Covid-19 Round-table just agreed to redouble efforts to facilitate infrastructure co-investment partnerships with African governments and development finance partners.” But he says it’s going to be challenging since Africa cannot service its debts at the same time. He therefore requests that the debts be written and be rescheduled.

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Raila Odinga further asks nations not to retreat from the international stage at these times, like the “America First’ and ‘Vote Leave’, he persuades them to reconsider such positions just like President Woodrow Wilson did on 2nd April, 1917. Similarly, President Harry Truman salvaged Europe in 1947 and got re-elected again, he adds we should have a change of mindset. Instead of withdrawal, we need engagement on a global scale.


He concludes by reminding the world that no nation is safe, as long as another nation is under attack. He urges those who have in the past advocated the global system to champion it again.
He adds that, the US and Europe should not build walls but rather provide leadership using the institutions firmly under their control, and experience gathered from previous, similar crises.

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