Covid-19 detection dogs

Covid-19 detection dogs

Covid-19 detection dogs may come in handy at this time when the virus is set to stay for long. It is believed that the dogs have three hundred and fifty million sensory receptors in their nose. The British government is paying half a million pounds to see if Asha (one of the covid-19 detection dogs) and five other sniffer dogs can sniff out people with covid-19
“the dogs will be sniffing upto 250 people an hour, this will be the second phase of the sniff and they will be reliably be able to tell if someone has the virus and needs to be isolated.” says Claire Guest, co-founder and chief executive,Medical Detection Dogs

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Claire Guest,Founder and Chief Exucutive  Medical Detection Dogs

This is how the same dogs were trained to sniff out people with malaria. Odour from the clothes of people with the virus is placed in one of five containers, the covid-19 detection dog is given a treat if it can find it.

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The samples for covid-19 training will come from individuals with the virus but don’t have the symptoms.

“i think its really good to think of this covid-19 as a problem that will not go away, but as something that is going to be with us for almost two years.” says professor Steve Lindsay, Public Health Entomologist, Durham University. He urges that something needs to be done to ensure that the infections do not spark up. He adds that the covid-19 detection dogs could help strengthen their border security and prevent individuals carrying the virus from getting into their country.

The covid-19 detection dogs training is said to go on till September, after which the researchers will be able to determine if the dogs can be effective.

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