Pastor’s unseen demise

Pastor Frankline Ndifor

Pastor Frankline Ndifor, 39, a candidate in the Central African State of Cameroon’s Presidential election in 2018, claimed to cure Covid-19.

In previous weeks believers had flocked to the Kingship International Ministries Church, founded by Pastor Frankline Ndifor, where he lay his hands on them and prayed for their healing. He claimed he could heal the virus. as  reported  by Voice of America News.

Pastor Frankline’s  supporters called him a ‘prophet’ and blocked entrance to his home in the capital city of Douala for eight hours as medical staff tried to retrieve Ndifor’s body on Saturday morning.

Dr Gaelle Nnanga, who was called to treat Ndifor after he started suffering severe respiratory difficulties a week after falling ill with the virus, said the pastor died ten minutes after treatment.

Pastor Frankline Ndifor

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The Governor of the coastal region said a police force had to be deployed when supporters blocked the entrance to his home and claimed the pastor was on a spiritual retreat with God so could not be buried.

Ndifor was also donating buckets and soap to people in need and his last public outing was on April 20, when he went out to distribute facemasks.


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Another supporter, Akere Muna, tweeted: ‘Pastor Franklin Ndifor Afanwi – Gone too soon. A man of great spirituality. This guided his entry into the political arena. If he left this world due to COVID19, then it must be to remind us of the reality of this pandemic. May his gentle soul rest in peace.’

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There have been 3,529 confirmed cases of coronavirus, and 140 deaths so far in the central African state.

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