Website hosting in Kenya

website hosting

Website hosting simply refers to the activity of providing storage space for a website that is connected to the internet.
A website is a collection if web pages linked to each other and to pages on other sites. It is run (hosted) by a web server by site’s owner, a hosting provider or an internet service provider (ISP)
In these case, i have put into scope web hosting, since its cheap and the most commonly used.

We all know that the world we live in today almost everyone and every business needs an online presence. This is mainly achieved by setting up a website that is accessible through one’s chosen domain. Whether you are looking to build a start your own blog, business blog, niche blog in Kenya, or any kind of website. You need a web host you can rely on.

A website hosting provider that will be with you from the purchase until when your website is up and running. While there are many web hosts in Kenya, the big question is who is the best website hosting provider in Kenya and East Africa as well. To best answer this, we can look at reliability, cost, and customer support. Most of the website hosting providers claim that they are reliable, only a few of them have lived up to these standards.

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Well, when talking about website hosting, we can’t help but mention domain name registration so as to get your website online. Most website hosting companies offer domain name registration, but its not a big deal, you can purchase your domain name anyway, based on your preferences. Anyways, domain name registration wasn’t the topic for today, let’s save it for later. Ir better still, you can reach out to us for exclusive guidance.

Today, I am going to give you the ten best website hosting providers in Kenya, elaborating their strengths and flaws in details. I am sure at the end of the article you will be able to make the right choice on how to give your business an online presence. To those who want to have their own blog websites but have never been able to, look no further. This article will give you handy information that’s priceless and will help you set up and run your website like a pro:

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1.Kenya Website Experts

website hosting
Kenya Website Experts Ltd is in arguably the best website hosting company in Kenya that offers; cheap web hosting services, domain registration- domain names, email hosting services in Kenya, G Suite Emails for work, asp .net windows web hosting, VPS servers, dedicated servers, website builder and reseller web hosting services.
They have won the KeNIC award twice 2015 and 2017. They do not top the list for anything, their client base says it all. From the ODM party, KICC, Brookside, Central Bank of Kenya KDIC, Jeff Koinange, DJ MO, Bahati, UoN, MKU amongst many others.

Kenya web experts offer ultra-fast, reliable, affordable and secure shared website hosting services, email hosting, cloud hosting, and SSL certificates. From Kenyan domain names (, to international domains (.com, .org, .net).

Their rates are also affordable, registering CO.KE domains is Ksh 399/ per year, website hosting is Ksh 2100/ per year and Secure SSL certificates at Ksh 2000/year.

You can contact them on, or call Safaricom 0722209414 or airtel 0733367596. You can also find them physically at the International House, 4th floor, Mama Ngina St, opp Hilton Hotel. You can also post to them through P.O box 12198-00400, Nairobi, Kenya.

2.Hostpinnacle Kenya

website hosting
HostPinnacle Kenya is one of the fastest-growing ICT solutions provider in the East Africa region. Handling thousands of clients worldwide, they are passionate and innovative in their work. HostPinnacle Kenya, offers a powerful network of state-of-the-art dedicated servers that have powerful CPUs and they are located at secure areas, promising their clients reliability and security.
As a token of appreciation, on every package a client buys, Hostpinnacle offers a free domain and unlimited free SSL certificates.

They charge pocket-friendly rates that cover a wide variety of features per package.

  • Starter package Ksh 1500/= per annum
  • Standard package Ksh 3500/= per annum
  • Executive package Ksh 10000/= per annum
  • Developers package Ksh 1000/= per month.

It is also among the few companies that have the true bulk SMS program, finding themselves at a capacity of 10,000 SMS per second.

You can contact them through or through 07 171 48886/ 07 531 48886/ 020 7869 201.

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3. Hostnali

website hosting
Hostnali Webhost brags of using the latest NVMe SSD drives which are 900% and 200% faster than SATA drives and the popular SSD Drives respectively. So, if you’re that guy who is looking for speed and reliability, look no further than Hostnali.

Hostnali website hosting company beats hostpinnacle and Kenya web experts on the pricing aspect. They offer free SSL certificates and their domains go for 499 shillings.
They also offer free website migration, handling all the transfer process from your website to them.
They also have site builders for those who want to build their website the easy way.

You can contact them through +254748285257 or

4. Webhost

website hosting
Webhost company is also another remarkable website hosting company, they have unique features that also make them stand out. Their servers are located in Kenya and this ensures fast responses and quick web page loading.
They also have web builders, enabling one to create their website.
Their domains are relatively affordable with, ., domains going for Ksh 450/=, while .com and .net domains going for Ksh 1460/=.

Like most web hosting companies, they also offer free SSL certificates.
What makes them outstanding is that they update WordPress plugins to keep your site protected and they also offer 30 daily backups of copies of your website, in case something occurs.

With Webhost, you can enjoy unlimited email addresses, this means you can create as many emails as you want. Their web hosting rates are;

  • Silver package 2100/= per year.
  • Gold package 2900/= per year.
  • Diamond package 5800/= per year.
  • Platinum package 4095/= per half-year.

You can contact them through or telephone 0700337799/ 0728787401/ 0737919204. You can reach them physically through Gemina Court, George Padmore road.

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5.Truehost Cloud

website hosting
If you are looking for a reliable Web Hosting in Kenya for small, medium, and large websites, then Truehost might just be the right stop for you. Truehost Cloud is optimized for secure and fast web hosting at affordable prices. You get to choose between Cpanel, Plesk, Tpanel (LiteSpeed) web hosting for your Websites, Online Stores, Emails. Furthermore, all of their web hosting packages include Free SSL Certificates, Sitebuilders to help you build your website and CMS.

In addition, it also offers free website Hosting packages for starters and students.

Other Web Hosting supported include VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Dedicated Server Hosting. Their website hosting rates are;

  • Silver hosting 1499/=
  • Gold hosting 3499/=
  • Unlimited hosting 14,499.

In addition, they do daily website backups just in case something goes wrong.

They also register domain names at relatively cheap prices, for instance, you can get the domains at 499/=, the .com and .org domains at 850/= and 899/= respectively.

You can contact them through +254207903111 or physically at Ryanadaplace off Thika Superhighway. Juja, Nairobi, Kenya.

6. Safaricom

website hosting
Safaricom is one of the best performing telecommunication companies in Kenya, in fact it tops the list with a huge margin. Despite enjoying the larger share of the market, Safaricom is undoubtedly, out to give its clients true satisfaction. From M-Pesa, which I bet everyone enjoys to website hosting.

You heard me right! Safaricom does provide website hosting services, create domain names and they have web builders that can easily help you customize your website.

Their main aim, is being able to give the client (you) the opportunity to make their businesses professional.
Their web hosting is based on lite and bronze packages. The rates for local domains is 1300/= for the lite package and 2800/= for the bronze.
While, if you have the International domains, their rates are 999/= for the lite package and 2499/= for the bronze package.

Since they are reliable and well based, you might give their web hosting services a shot.

You can contact them through

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7. DeepAfrica

website hosting
Deep Africa brags of having over 5000 businesses that trust their online solutions to power their communications and marketing. And they deserve to brag. Their website hosting services are just spectacular.
Some of the companies that they host are Turkana University, County government of Turkana, Moi Teaching and Referral amongst many others.

Here’s a testimony from one of their clients, Simon Mutisya;

Deep Africa has been quite responsive to my challenges whenever I experienced any issue. I have been with them for more than 10 years and I’ve no regrets at all. I thus strongly recommend them to anyone looking for Domain registration and hosting services.”

Their rates are quite affordable;

  • Kwanza package 3306/= per year.
  • Kwanza Plus package 6791/= per year.
  • Pili package 11286/= per year.

They also offer quick and secure web migration to theirs and offer free domains plus free SSL certificates. In addition you can access the website at the comfort of your mobile phone and operate easily.

You can contact them through mail: or call +254712500500. You can also find them physically at Development House, Moi Avenue, 10th Floor, Office B, Nairobi, Kenya.

8. Sasahost

website hosting
Sasahost, a company with over 13 years experience in hosting is also another remarkable web host. If you are a newbie or are creating a small static website with low to moderate amounts of traffic, Basic/Personal website Hosting may be a good option for you. If you have an existing website, or are creating a website which you expect to have moderate to high amounts of traffic, e.g. active blogs, medium e-commerce portals, fairly active webshops, medium directory listings, active CMS sites or other Memory intensive Applications then you should consider their Enterprise/Corporate Hosting Plans, which is pretty affordable.

  • Enterprise/corporate 6500/= per year.
  • Enterprise/corporate ii 9500/=
  • Enterprise/corporate iii 12500/=
  • Enterprise/corporate iv 18,500/=

You can reach out to them at or through +254-713/732- 478555. Or physically at Even Business Park, Block 3C, airport north road, off Mombasa road, Nairobi, Kenya.

9. Skyhost

website hosting
Skyhost is also another leading provider of secure and fast website hosting. With over a decade of service and remarkable clients such as TATA, their 24/7 customer service is pleasant.
Skyhost offers web hosting at relatively cheap prices depending on the package you buy. There is;

  • Bronze plan 2499/=
  • Silver plan 5499/=
  • Platinum plan 10499/=
  • Gold plan 18499/=

Their packages are renewable yearly. They also have domain names from as low as 499/= for the .me domain.

Furthermore, skyhost offers free website migration and free SSL certificates. They do daily backups too just in case something goes wrong.

You can contact them through mail: or +254727462320. You can also reach their physical location at 3rd Floor, Philadelphia House, Tom Mboya, opp Afya Centre, Nairobi, Kenya.

10. Hostpoa

website hosting
Hostpoa is a pocket-friendly web hoster, yet their services are just state-of-the-art. Their 24/7 customer service is remarkable, offering assistance whenever and wherever needed.
Hostpoa aims to enable their clients run their businesses seamlessly like pros at a cheaper price. Their packages go for;

  • Advance 1600/=
  • Business 2000/=
  • Unlimited 3364/=

They had a basic package, but unfortunately, it ran out of sale. They also offer domain names for as low as 250/=.Give weekly backups to ensure you don’t lose your files, plus free SSL certificates.

You can find then through +254720502500 or at 10th Floor, office 13, Development House, Nairobi, Kenya.

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Summarily, website hosting is very key to every business whose owner wants to get more and more. It gives you an authentic brand and an online presence enabling you to offer services and reach your clients easily.

The website hosting companies in Kenya are quite competitive but I have given you the creme de la creme of it. Companies that are reliable and secure.
I can’t deny the fact that there might be some website hosting company out there that might be doing some great work. In fact, if you know of one just let me know in the comment box so that I may research and update my list.

For now, to the beginners, bloggers, businesses, and companies that want an online presence and success, what are you waiting for? Pick out a website hosting company that best suits you and buy a package that will work for you. Let’s toast to success, Cheers!

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