After the long wait by Kenyans, President Uhuru Kenyatta has spoken about the COVID-19 measures and has finally lifted the lockdown in his speech today at Harambee House in Nairobi.

Uhuru Kenyatta
President Uhuru Kenyatta speaking at Harambee House

The president announced that the cessation of movement in and out of Nairobi, Mombasa, and Mandera counties has shall lapse tomorrow, Tuesday, 7th from 4 am.

The dusk to dawn curfew has been in place from 5 am to 9 pm since the coronavirus outbreak in the country has been extended for a further 30 days.

Places of worship are to commence a phased re-opening under strict conformity with all guidelines put in place by the Interior Faith Council. Only a maximum of 100 people shall be allowed to attend a church service while wearing masks and keeping a social distance from each other. The church services shall not exceed more than one hour, and congregants below the age of 13 and those above the age of 58 are not allowed to attend the services since they are under the risk group.

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The Ministry of Education will today and no later than tomorrow notify Kenyans on the resumption of the 2020 calendar and resumption of education for both, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.

There shall be no movement of public service vehicles unless the operators have mandatory certification from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport.

Prohibition of political gatherings, weddings, and funerals have been extended for a further 30 days.

Domestic flights shall resume effective of 15 July 2020, while international flights shall resume effective of 1 August 2020.

Should the situation deteriorate, the country will be under lockdown again.