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E-commerce in Kenya has grown significantly over the last few years, especially among small and medium businesses. However, the market is still developing. More players are entering the E-commerce market due to the high turnovers, with estimates pointing to turnovers 25 times higher than traditional retail stores, as well as the fact that setting up an online shop does not require expensive infrastructure or high initial investment. However, the use of apps in E-commerce has gathered rapid penetration in the market and plays a significant role in the promotion of online shopping.

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NajengaOnline is an online platform that sells construction materials. It’s a rising online construction service provider in Kenya. It has managed to connect service providers with customers/builders through their online platform called NajengaOnline.Com which can as well be found as an app in Google Play Store and Apple Store which ensures customer convenience, satisfaction, and transparency.

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Fundis wako sorted


Can Fundis benefit from this online platform that connects  buyers and sellers? Yes, they can! In fact, NajengaOnline has set up a Fundis Referral Program where a fundi can earn a commission by selling and buying its products and can earn even more money by inviting others to join. All at the convenience of using their smartphones to log into their website, NajengaOnline.Com, wherever they are and at whatever time.

According to Kelly Muga, one of the directors of NajengaOnline, ”With our competitive pricing strategy, convenience, transparency and great customer experience that we offer, I believe NajengaOnline is a disruptive technology destined to remove the traditional way of trading in the construction industry”

During this pandemic, one of the responses we’ve seen to how Kenyans are approaching this period of isolation and uncertainty is in huge overnight changes to their shopping behaviors. From bulk-buying to online shopping, Kenyans are changing what they’re buying, when, and how. This is where it comes in. By just logging into their website, NajengaOnline.Com, or through their app you can shop for all your construction products at the convenience of your home or office and your goods will be delivered at your location for pick up.

As it becomes even more clear just how infectious COVID-19 is, some shoppers have raised questions about the safety of receiving their online orders. It’s unlikely that COVID-19 would survive on your purchased items from the time they were packed to the time you received your package (especially with the slowdown in the delivery system). And shipping conditions make a tough environment for COVID-19 as well, so it’s not likely you’ll be exposed via the package itself, either.

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To know more about NajengaOnline visit their website at NajengaOnline.Com or check out their social media handles on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Their social media handle name is NajengaOnline.Com.

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