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Author: Elton John

Trump and Melania test positive for Covid-19

Written by on 2 October 2020

President Donald Trump has tested positive for the coronavirus, a stunning development that came hours after he confirmed one of his longest-serving aides with whom he had recently traveled also received a positive test result. The revelation had implications for the president’s health, the administration’s response to the pandemic and also the Nov. 3 election, […]

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List of top performing Governors in Kenya by 2020

Written by on 21 September 2020

Devolution brought governance close to the citizens by bringing the three arms of governance to the county level. This is as a result of the 2010 constitution which aimed at promoting governance and development throughout the country. Despite all these, local bureaucrats at the county level have been on the news severally with allegations of […]

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NajengaOnline: A all-in-one Construction E-commerce Platform

Written by on 31 August 2020

NajengaOnline    NajengaOnline an E-commerce in Kenya has grown significantly over the last few years, especially among small and medium businesses. However, the market is still developing. More players are entering the E-commerce market due to the high turnovers, with estimates pointing to turnovers 25 times higher than traditional retail stores, as well as the fact […]

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Beirut’s devastating explosion today: 1st live update

Written by on 4 August 2020

Beirut’s Explosion Beirut’s explosion started with a smaller blast followed by a much larger one. Two explosions shook Beirut, the second one with enough force to break windows over a radius of miles, damaging and shaking buildings, and strewing debris over a wide area. Videos posted online showed a shock wave erupting from the second […]

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Hon Benjamin Mkapa

Former Tanzanian President, Benjamin Mkapa dies at 81

Written by on 24 July 2020

Benjamin Mkapa, Tanzania’s former president, 81, has died early this morning at a hospital in Dar es Salam, as announced by President John Pombe Magufulu.   While relaying the news on Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) July 24, President John Pombe Magufuli said Hon. Mkapa died at Dar es Salaam Hospital where he was admitted. He […]

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Electricity in Kenya 2020

Written by on 18 July 2020

Electricity in Kenya Electricity is one thing that most Kenyans can attest to that has made significant progress in the country. In as much as the country has been making substantial progress in economic, social, and human development over the past few decades, Kenya has topped the list on energy sector, beating her neighbouring countries […]

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The best Mortgage guide in Kenya 2020

Written by on 18 July 2020

What is a mortgage? Mortgage is a loan offered by banks and other financial institution to homebuyers. The property is used as collateral for the loan. To get started, most banks will require a down payment of 20% of the value of the property. Well, most of you may be wondering why ones needs to […]

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Man bit to death by his 1.2 ton pet hippo

Written by on 2 June 2020

hippo kills master   Hippo’s never cross anyone’s mind when they think of adopting a pet. In as much as some people, more-so wardens get to tame the animals that they look after, we all know the consequences, in case they decide to go rogue. hippo, called Humphrey had been raised ‘like a son’ by […]

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Tekashi 6ix9ine’s popular “GOOBA” pulled down because of Kenyan producer;

Written by on 31 May 2020

Tekashi 6ix9ine ‘s “GOOBA” pulled down by YouTube The song was pulled down after a kenyan producer claimed he had stole his copyrights. Tekashi 6ix9ine’s gold-selling single “GOOBA” has been pulled down from YouTube, after a copyright claim was lodged against the rap star. The copyright claim came from a kenyan producer called Magix Enga. […]

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