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Team Members

Nelly Achieng’

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Richard Oyoo


He is the News manager at the institution. He is a hardworking man who has a passion for social media as well as current news. Mr. Oyoo currently serves as the supervisor of all interns and attachés at the organization.

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Dennise Odhiambo

Also known as Screensaver. He is the host of the late night show called “ inind maber”. His passions are traveling, adventure, music and socializing and making great links from the interactions. He is a humble, hardworking and a godly man.

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Ignorambus Natha Japeng

He is a radio presenter who has passion and interests in drama. He hosts the mid-morning show that includes encouragement to the audience and discussion sessions.

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Ronald Ogutu

He is a radio presenter who has interests in the sports news with his passions being reading and sports-oriented content. He is also a humble man who carries with weight the concerns of the audience.

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Kevin Ochola

Also known as ex-japan ludhe dongo. He is a comedian who hosts the morning show together with Javan Onano. His hobbies are dancing, swimming and special interests in comedy. He has a soft eye for discussions that happen during every breakfast show. Catch him from Monday to Friday as he brings out the comical side […]

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Onyango Duncan Ooko

He is currently the host of “ inind maber” that runs from 2000hrs to 000hrs from Monday to Friday as well as “ skund jakanam” which runs from 0715hrs to 0800hrs with student’s interests. He is a fan of educative content, humble team player and more passion in socialization, news sourcing, music as well as […]

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