Born in Kinshasa on 31 December 1958 Matumona Defao Lulendo started his musical career in 1976, initially in Orchestre Suka Movema, then Fogo Stars followed by Korotoro and in 1978 Somo West. In 1981 he was enrolled into the then newly formed Grand Zaiko Wawa of guitarist Pepe Felix Manuaku before joining Ben Nyamabo in the formation of Choc Stars.

It was with both Choc Stars and orchestre Shakara Gagna Gagna (under the direction of Jeanpy Wable Gypson) that “Le General Defao” first came to national prominence. Working beside Ben Nyamabo, Debaba, Carlito, Bozi Boziana and Djuna Djunana in the phenomenal Choc Stars Defao developed his songwriting, singing and dancing talent.