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17 April 2020

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Mystery behind low number of coronavirus cases in Africa

Written by on 17 April 2020

Egypt was the first African country to record coronavirus case. A week later, the first case in sub-Saharan Africa was recorded in Nigeria after an Italian man who had travelled to the West African country tested positive. Since then, Africa’s curve of infections has exhibited an abnormal pattern compared to other countries such as the […]

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19 September 2019

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Written by on 19 September 2019

This question can be retorted with the proverbial answer cum question, why not? Why not disentangle themselves from the mental burdens of their society? Why not find an infinite silence to the voices in their heads? It might seem like I’m supporting the rising number of suicide cases in our society but I’m only shading […]

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18 September 2019

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Written by on 18 September 2019

It’s like a storm that comes without a warning. No gray clouds from a distant off or crackling of thunder. You don’t have time to put your house in order. It attacks your health insurance plan and rampages the hearts of your family and friends who feel helpless for not being able to do anything. […]

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